RRSP and TFSA ad campaign

A direct mail advertising campaign for retirement savings. Reminding people to contribute, but also convincing people that it isn’t just about RRSPs!

Retirement savings | Brochure
Brochure. 2 sided. CMYK.
Retirement savings | Balance Check box
Promotional items. Custom designed box and sleeve. Custom label on coffee blend. Custom ceramic mug with messaging and logo.
Retirement savings | Envelope
Exterior envelope. Variable text field for addressee name. Envelope shell is CMYK.
Retirement savings | animation
WATCH THIS animated video by clicking the image. NOTE: This will launch Vimeo in a new window.
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Creative problem: A local credit union had good product penetration with traditional retirement products, but below norms for newer products like the Tax Free Savings Account (TFSA.)

Solution: To show how the various retirement saving products can be used together to create a perfect blend, I used the visual metaphor of coffee. The promotional give-away item was a coffee mug and a custom “balance blend” of coffee.

Responsive web design

A responsive web site for a local wood re-manufacturing company. CLICK HERE to view the project.

Wood company | Web design | Home page
Home page. Fully responsive. Based on WordPress. Running a highly modified and customized theme. CSS. xHTML. PHP.
Wood company | Mobile design | Home page
Mobile version of home page. Fully responsive.

Swooshy Logo design

Logo and business card design.

A logo design for a portrait photographer.

Client acquisition campaign

An advertising campaign with the aim of increasing membership at a credit union.

Acquisition | unaddressed mailer

Want to see a little into my creative brain? I’ve scanned four pages from my sketchbook so that you can see how I develop ideas and layouts for this campaign. View my sketches

Want to listen to the radio ad? Download the MP3

Wave 1. Unaddressed mailer. It was long and lean so that it was different than all other junk mail in the slot. 24 inches when unfolded.



After this campaign launched, unaided brand awareness increased.


Brand linkage saw a dramatic 21% increase.

GIVE'R | Acquisition | unaddressed  mailer
Wave 2. Unaddressed mailer. A positive message for the new year. CMYK.



I decided that a single word headline could help differentiate the creative from other financial institution advertising, which relied on long explanatory headlines.

UGH! | Acquisition | Newsprint ad 3x14
Wave 3. Newsprint ad. 3×14. This ad relates back to wave 2, where we celebrating with the viewer on their resolution commitments.
BOING! | Acquisition | unaddressed  mailer
Wave 4. Unaddressed mailer. Funny message for spring. CMYK.
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Creative problem: This local credit union was suffering from decreasing membership, low awareness levels and extremely low brand linkage levels. Basically, no one knew who they were or what they stood for.

Solution: In looking at the competitive landscape for financial institutions, it became apparent that this local credit union could look and sound different, while offering very similar products and services. To stick out from the other banks, I used large one-word headlines — since everyone else was using long winded headlines. I used simplified icons with an infographic flare since everyone else uses stock photography of smiling people. I used light brown as a background colour, since everyone else owned blue, red, orange and purple.

As a result, in 2012, the credit union finished the year with more members and 21% boost to their brand linkage measure.

Kids banking products

Offering children’s banking products to parents and making it an approachable and cute idea.

Junior Member Pack | Packaging | Front of box

Box Front

Junior Member Pack | Packaging | Back of box

Box back

Package design. Custom box. CMYK + varnish.



Target beat by 245%


The 12 week campaign was so successful it was turned into an on going program.

Junior Member Pack | Packaging | Contents of box
Contents of box
Junior Member Offer | Card Sleeve
Junior member client card sleeve
Junior Member Offer | Poster Design
Poster design for the credit union’s 12 branches
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Creative problem: To encourage existing clients who are parents to open starter spending and savings accounts for their children — without seeming pushy.

Solution: A playful box, which screams approach-ability and cuteness. The handle, the colour scheme, the illustrations all work together to make the box easily accessible to children, but more importantly it becomes an icon to parents that starter accounts are easy to open, simple to understand, and fun to for their children.

Inside the box are items that support the credit union’s community investment program, which focuses on arts and active living. Contents include: Art booklet I created with tutorials on how to draw animals, swim googles, coloured pencils, and a sticker sheet.

Want to know how many iterations I did before getting the box design perfect? Let’s meet up and chat about it

Creation of a one page fact sheet

Watch this time-lapse of my creative process. It’s only 4 minutes.

Deck stain fact sheet | Timelapse

A time-lapse of my creative process as I make a one-page fact sheet for a wood stain.
Fact sheet | deck stain
Fact sheet | deck stain | back
One-page fact sheet. Front and back.

Responsive web design

A responsive website for a fertility clinic in Abbotsford.

Fertility | Screen home page

The site is fluid and fits all screen sizes. It is a heavily customized WordPress site. I created custom illustrations for the website to reflect the clinic’s warm and inviting brand personality.
Fertility | Mobile home page
Mobile home page
Fertility | regular page
The site is fluid and fits all screen sizes.

Tools of my trade

Print design

Adobe Photoshop Icon

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Indesign Icon

Adobe Indesign

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Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Bridge Icon

Adobe Bridge

Adobe Acrobat pro icon

Adobe Acrobat Professional

Adobe Distller icon

Adobe Distiller

When I am working there are always four programs open: Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign and Bridge. It’s hard to choose which one is my fav.

A little while ago I completed “Photoshop: Indepth selection methods” from Lynda.com.

Web and Screen design

Adobe Premiere Pro Icon

Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe Dreamweaver icon

Adobe Dreamweaver

Other Programs

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MS Project

What my bosses are saying

Quote Circle

David’s perspective on almost everything is interesting and often surprising. This stretches us to think about things in unconventional ways, and that’s good for us.


Assistant Vice President, Product and Channel Delivery

Source: July 2013 internal email

Quote Circle

David demonstrates a strong knowledge of the forces that influence visual trends. He takes the time to research and evaluate references to gain deep insight to inform his designs and approaches.”


Assistant Vice President, Marketing

Source: 2012 yearly review

Quote Circle

David has taken a lead role in further expanding our brand elements and templates, expanding our brand guidelines and developing guidelines for our community investment sub-brand.”


 Manager, Marketing and Advertising

Source: 2011 yearly review

“David, can’t stress enough how impressed we have all been on the creative for the strategic plan! Fantastic – keep up the great work!”

President and CEO, Westminster Savings

David, you’re commitment to help ‘do the job right’ is just tremendous and commitment to service excellence is nothing short of fantastic. Thanks for being such a huge contributor to our overall success.”

Senior Vice President, Chief Experience Officer

What others are saying

“We wanted to acknowledge and thank you David, for being able to so quickly update a brochure for Paul for his presentation today. Through your quick response time Paul was able to have the tools required for a successful presentation at VPDCU. Great teamwork! Thank you!”

– Branch Manager, local credit union

Outstanding presentation of creative concepts for the campaign today. Very creative and thorough and well supported by your creative rationale for the different approaches. Very much appreciated. Thanks David.

- Manager, Marketing Programs

“David, thank you very much for your work on the seminar feedback form for Austin Branch. Your willingness to fit this task in, with no notice, and among other pressing duties, is most appreciated. It’s great to see TEAMWORK in action.”

- Assistant Vice President, Financial Planning Services

“David, thank you for going out of your way for creating such a professional looking banner at such short notice for the recognition video. I appreciate your willingness to help out.”

- Manager, Corporate and Internal Communications

“Thanks so much for once again providing great graphic support. You are always a pleasure to work with and handle requests of you quickly, even when you have a lot of other demands of your time. THANKS David.”

- Human Resource Generalist

David, please accept my thanks for a tremendous job with the new WSCU app! lt looks great and the navigation is simple. A great step forward and I’m sure our customers will feel the same.

- Senior Vice President, Cheif Experience Officer

“Mr. Greb, Excellent catch on the new RRSP receipts. You have a keen eye for details and ensure the best product is created to match our brand standards.”

- Retail Operations Specialist

“David, thank you for your valuable time and contributions at our brand strategy planning meeting today. It takes a strong and clear vision and a team that is passionately committed to working together to make that vision a reality – to drive the change, make a difference for members and grow the organization. Thanks again for your creativity and strategic thinking!”

- Manager, Marketing Programs

“Graphic Designer extraordinaire…you always do a fabulous job!”

- Executive Assistant to the President and Corporate Secretary

Wanna chat? Drop me a note or give me a call. I would love to sit down and meet.

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